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Six eyes in one big, dark room. What exactly are they watching? Horror films of course! Horror films often get a bad wrap in the industry. We set out to answer a simple question: Are horror movies the bastard child of hollywood films? We set out to disprove (or in some cases, prove) that thought. Who are “we”? Chewie (co-host of “Stuff&Things” and “Four Color Commentary”) is a blood-chugging, plague-ridden creature that just won’t die. Evan is the fabled beast from the darkest recesses of a serial killer’s mind. James is a mad scientist better known as “Dr. Jurassic Price” whom is always one step ahead. In other words: we are three guys that really, really like horror films and love to talk about them. Whatever the case, together we are the Unholy Trinity! Our motto is simple: Death By Celluloid.

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